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What books do you want to share and promote?

On this day last year, I launched The Booktalklady website. To celebrate birthday #1, I decided to answer the most common questions I get about The Booktalklady and ask your help with future book features.

Why on earth did you decide to do this? (most of you say this in a more polite way, of course. For example, where did you get the idea? 😊)


One Saturday morning in February 2014 I read an article in The Nashville Scene about a man in the Nashville area who’d rigged up simple video gear to make videos and now had 100,000 YouTube followers. I thought that sounded fun, so I decided to make videos promoting books. I overlooked a few minor differences. For example, his videos taught people how to shoot guns. That may create more passion and interest than reading. Still, I love good books, so it’s been a fun project.

How did you learn to make videos?

That is quite embarrassing. I got so excited about my idea that I did market research and design work to create the concept, had my nerdy-librarian style photos shot, hired someone to design the website, and then it hit me!



Never fear. An inspired person refuses to be daunted by details like that. Besides, you can learn anything on YouTube these days. I have a friend who consults YouTube for everything:

Need to remove a water stain from the dining room table? Yes
Wondering about the best way to clean gump from your dog’s ears? Fer shure
What to do when your lawn mower won’t start? Of course.

So I studied up on YouTube, sought advice from a musician friend in Nashville who records videos for his website (thank you, Les Kerr), and gathered some simple, inexpensive equipment. You can see a video about my start up if you follow the link below.

How do you choose books to feature on the website?

I have a simple standard–I read the book and liked it:

  • It entertains me in a quirky way, inspires me to be a better person, or enlightens and challenges the way I see things
  • It lasts—I keep it on my shelves, and when I pick it up again I still like it or enjoy re-reading parts of it
  • I care about it enough I want to share it with other people
  • As far as genres, I aim for 70% fiction, 10% each of biography, business/self help, and art or travel

So that’s it. No rocket science here. I enjoy the community you’ve joined by liking The Booktalklady Facebook page, or subscribing to the website. If you haven’t done either of those yet, please do!

Now I need your help: tell me about a book you’d like to see featured on The Booktalklady!

To do that, post a comment below on the website, or go to The Booktalk Lady Facebook page, like it, and post a selfie of yourself holding the book you recommend! Make sure the title shows up. Thanks so much! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

I’ll end with a quote from David Baldacci:

To read is the same verb as to think.

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    • Ah, great idea Amy. Isn’t that the book on which the movie “Out of Africa” was based? I saw the movie but have not read the book. Thanks!

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