The Booktalklady Manifesto

I’ve noticed that many people simply endure life. It’s a hassle, there are problems, and we feel overwhelmed and worn out. We buckle down and slog it out until…the project ends, we buy the house we’ve always wanted, mother’s health improves, or our child graduates. We work long hours, grab something to eat on the way home, and unwind by sitting for hours before a TV or computer screen medicating ourselves with food or beverages. We call our friends while multi-tasking doing something else, and connect by venting about our spouse, mother, boss, politics, crime, or bad day.

I’ve done all of the above. After a series of losses and failures, I got tired of living that way and decided to change.

I believe that what we eat, how we move, and the stories we tell ourselves and others points us either toward a life of resigned endurance or exuberant energy. I believe we can enjoy life regardless of circumstances. It all depends on the choices we make.

The Booktalklady formula for joy is E&MC² . Eat nourishing food, Move your body, and Connect with yourself and others. My purpose is to help you gain emotional and physical energy through reading and discussing books that inspire healthy eating, movement, and human connections.

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Then ask yourself some tough questions to get started:

  • Do I want to enjoy life or am I more comfortable as a victim?
  • Do I honor myself by making time every day to enjoy nourishing, delicious food?
  • What keeps me from having fun when I exercise? What would be more fun for me?
  • When do I schedule uninterrupted time for myself, friends, and family?

Together let’s read and listen to inspiring stories to nourish growth. What we think comes from what we feed our minds. Let’s keep our brains on books!


Deborah Rankin reading

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